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Laser Vaginal Therapy

how to tighten vaginaVaginal therapy with the diVa laser is a non-surgical procedure that helps to restore vaginal tissue and natural lubrication without creams or synthetic hormones.

This innovative treatment tightens vaginal tissue, restores healthy lubrication and can reduce stress urinary stress incontinence.

diVa Laser Treats Vaginal Dryness

Lack of lubrication causes intercourse to be painful and eventually results in diminished sexual desire. Vaginal dryness affects one in three women during the onset and aftermath of menopause. The lack of lubrication is a contributing factor to painful intercourse.

When a woman’s estrogen declines, it can lead to vaginal atrophy – drying and irritation that cause pain during intercourse. These issues can cause problems for women’s intimate relationships.

Women of any age can benefit from diVa therapy. Just giving birth can stretch vaginal muscles or cause urine to leak when a woman sneezes or coughs. diVa laser therapy can help with both.
The diVa laser treatment is the newest evolution of laser vaginal therapy built on years of experience. diVa delivers two types of energy to aid in resurfacing the vaginal skin while also stimulating the re-growth of new collagen, blood vessels, and nerve endings below the surface of the vaginal walls.

The deeper layer is responsible for the dynamic elastic nature of the vagina, the lubricating, secreting capability of the vaginal skin, and the sensitivity of the vaginal canal. Restoring this deeper vaginal layer creates a significant change to dry, lax, painful tissue with long term results.

The treatment is quick and we can target specific regions to improve stress urinary incontinence or other localized issues – as well as the broader benefits in addressing dyspareunia or vaginal atrophy.

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The diVa Laser Treatment Procedure

The laser treatment is accomplished by inserting a laser handpiece into the vagina that is pre-programmed to generate as series of tiny pinpricks on the vaginal walls. You won’t feel a thing, but those miniscule holes provoke a natural response in the body, growing collagen and increasing blood flow.

The collagen growth will help strengthen and thickens walls in the vaginal canal. This also helps to provide better support to the bladder and urethra, minimizing the accidents that occur from stress incontinence.

The increased blood flow typically improves vaginal sensation during intercourse and relieves discomfort associated with vaginal dryness.

The doctor can target specific areas to improve stress incontinence or help tighten vaginal muscles stretched from child birth, surgery or injury.

diVA laser therapy is a welcome alternative for women who want to restore healthy sexual function without the risk of hormone-based treatments.

Vaginal stimulation therapy can be helpful for women experiencing:

  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Pain or Discomfort During Sex
  • VulvoVaginal Atrophy (thinning of the vaginal wall and decrease in lubrication)
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence
  • Vaginal Laxity
  • Difficulty with Orgasm

What to Expect During Your Visit

On your first visit, the doctor typically performs a pelvic exam and takes a pap smear before the procedure begins.

The diVa treatment offers relief for women with vaginal symptoms from childbirth on up to menopause. The procedure helps stress incontinence, stretched vaginal muscles, difficulty with orgasm and painful intercourse.

Any woman age 25 and up and can have the procedure (expect during pregnancy.) Vaginal stimulation therapy with diVa laser is simple, safe and fast. The treatment takes about five minutes.

The doctor uses a single-use quartz dilator to open the vaginal canal and positions the diVa device. The device rotates to target specific regions with the laser. The diVa laser device is pre-programmed and computerized for accuracy and precision.

Once the treatment protocol is accomplished, the device is removed and the quartz dilator thrown away.

During the therapy, patients may feel slight pressure against the vaginal wall while the device is in place. Some women experience a little sensitivity near the vaginal opening, but typically discomfort is minimal.

Women should avoid sexual intercourse or any vaginal insertions, such as a tampon, for 48 hours after treatment. Otherwise you can resume normal activities at work or at home when you leave the clinic.

Benefits of the Vaginal Stimulation Therapy

diVa laser therapy can help women resolve many uncomfortable issues that affect their sexual well being and impact their intimate relationships.

Vaginal stimulation therapy has no risk of side effects, like estrogen-based creams, pills or rings. For women at risk for breast cancer, or have a history of endometrial cancer – this procedure offers a safe alternative.

diVa therapy is fast, simple and safe enough to be performed right in the clinic. It’s virtually painless and provides options for women dealing with the vaginal symptoms in the aftermath of child birth as well those affecting women well past menopause.

Women do not need to accept sexual discomfort or dysfunction as part of the aging process. Vaginal stimulation can restore a youthful response of sexual satisfaction and orgasm.

diVa therapy also helps to relieve the embarrassing accidents associated with stress incontinence.

Vaginal stimulation therapy with the diVa laser is an innovative procedure:

  • Better vaginal sensitivity and pleasure
  • Increase in vaginal lubrication
  • Alleviates pain during intercourse
  • Stretched vaginal muscles tightened
  • Improvement in stress incontinence
  • Less difficulty achieving orgasm
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Vaginal Therapy FAQ

Is diVa laser therapy safe?

Yes. Clinical research has shown the procedure to be safe and effective, with no adverse effects. Women are typically happy with the results and would recommend the procedure to others.

Does diVa laser therapy hurt?

No. You may feel slight pressure while the device is inside the vagina. Occasionally some women experience some sensitivity around the opening of the vagina. Discomfort is minimal and temporary.

What should I expect after the procedure?

For some women, there may be some light spotting. Don’t use a tampon or have intercourse for 48 hours to avoid irritation or inflammation that could slow production of new cells in the vaginal lining.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have diVa laser therapy?

Pregnant women should not receive the treatment. A woman going through a urinary tract infection is not a suitable candidate either.

How many treatments do I need?

Three treatments are the standard protocol, four to six weeks apart. Therapy can be repeated one or more times annually, or as needed. Our physician will assess your individual needs and provide a personalized therapy plan.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Patients generally notice improvement after the first procedure, and optimal results are achieved one month after the third procedure.




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