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No-Scalpel No-Needle Vasectomy

No-scalpel vasectomies at our clinic provide a quick and virtually painless alternative to conventional vasectomy using a scalpel. Studies show that no-scalpel vasectomies have a complication rate eight times lower than conventional approaches and involve less discomfort – especially when coupled with no-needle freezing, as we do at our Montreal vasectomy clinic.

Vasectomy is a highly recommended form of contraception for men in stable long-term relationships where they do not want any more children.

No-Scalpel Benefits vs. Conventional Vasectomy

No-scalpel vasectomy is a simple and elegant in-office procedure that many studies show has significant advantages over conventional vasectomy. NSV is comparatively faster, has a swifter recovery time, safer (one-eighth the rate of bleeding and infection) and can be virtually pain-free when coupled with no-needle anesthesia.

With a conventional vasectomy procedure, a doctor would make two incisions, one on each side of the scrotum, perform the procedure, and then stitch up the incisions. The stitches would then have to be removed about a week later.

With the no-scalpel method there is no knife, no cutting incision, no stitches and no-needle. Montreal men who have undergone NSV express amazement at the minimal physical discomfort they experienced both during the procedure and during recovery.

Men who were previously not considering vasectomy because they feared the scalpel can now feel comfortable, relaxed and confident with this simple procedure.

How Does Vasectomy Prevent Pregnancy?

Sperm are made in a man’s testes. During sexual climax, the sperm travels through two tubes (the right vas and left vas) in the scrotum, mix with semen (from the prostate and seminal vesicles), and come out of the penis. In a vasectomy, these tubes are cut and blocked so the sperm cannot reach the semen. As a result, you will ejaculate semen without sperm.

Also keep in mind that the sperm makes up a minute portion of the ejaculate, approximately 1% of the volume. Therefore, you will not notice any change in the ejaculation post-vasectomy. Your sexual experience, erections, performance, ejaculations are essentially unchanged.

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To understand what happens during a No-Scalpel Vasectomy procedure, review this diagram to see how the male anatomy normally functions. The testicles produce sperm that travel through a pair of tubes called the Vasa Deferens. You can easily feel them through the scrotal skin, like firm spaghetti-sized tubes on either side of the penis. These tubes carry sperm from the testicles out through the penis when a man ejaculates.

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The vasectomy procedure simply interrupts the flow of sperm by cutting the sperm tubes and blocking their ends. Before making the decision to have your NSV, please review the preparations, procedure, and recovery to see what you can expect from Dr. Steinberg and your NSV from start to finish. We want you to make a careful and well-informed choice. A vasectomy should be considered a permanent contraception.

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The Vasectomy Procedure

The Day of Your Surgery

Wear very supportive underwear. Please do not wear boxer shorts, as they do not provide the necessary support.

Wear comfortable clothing. We also recommend that you wear a T-shirt because the room in which we do the procedure is warm and anything heavier may be uncomfortable for you. The heat of the room relaxes the scrotum and makes the procedure easier to perform.

Eat a good breakfast. You will feel more comfortable during the procedure. Minimize coffee, but have one if skipping it causes you material stress. Plan to arrive a little earlier for your appointment.
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Vasectomy Clinic Process

Our staff will usher you into one of the surgical rooms where you are not required to fully undress; you just need to lower your pants, lie back and relax.

We will place an elastic band around your penis to bring it out of the operative field, wash the scrotal area with iodine solution and place surgical towels on your body.

Our doctor will administer the anesthetic. It is then time for the actual vasectomy, which takes just 10 to 15 minutes, with some variation depending on your anatomy.

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No-scalpel procedure: Pulling out one of the two vas tubes.

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Conventional vasectomy: Two moderate incisions stitched closed.

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No-scalpel procedure: No stitches are needed to close the tiny opening.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy FAQ

Is there any discomfort during the procedure?

Before the vasectomy, you will not need any sedatives. No-Scalpel No-Needle Vasectomy is virtually painless. Afterwards you will likely be sore for a couple of days and should take a mild painkiller. The discomfort is less with the no-scalpel technique because there is minimal injury to the tissues.

How soon after my vasectomy can I go back to work?

You should not do any heavy physical labour for seven days after your vasectomy. If your job does not involve this kind of work, you can go back sooner. Many men have their vasectomy on Friday, so they can take it easy over the weekend and go back to work on Monday.

Will the vasectomy change me sexually?

The only thing that will change is that you will not be able to make your partner pregnant. Your body will continue to produce the hormones that make you a man. You will have the same amount of semen. Vasectomy won’t change your voice, beard, your muscles, your sex drive, your erections, or your climaxes. Some men say that without the worry of accidental pregnancy and the bother of other birth control methods, sex is more relaxed and enjoyable than before.

Does No-Scalpel Vasectomy work?

NSV is extremely effective. In fact, the success rate of vasectomy in our affiliated clinics has been better than 99.9%, which is amongst the highest in the world. Our Montreal private vasectomy clinic offers a premium service and a good potential success rate.

Will I be sterile right away?

No, after a vasectomy, there are always some active sperm in your system. It usually takes 2-3 months plus 20 ejaculations to clear them. You and your partner should use some other form of birth control until a semen test confirms that your semen is sperm free. You will be given semen test instructions after your vasectomy procedure.

Is No-Scalpel Vasectomy safe?

Most medical experts, including special panels convened by the National Institutes of Health and by the World Health Organization, have concluded that vasectomy is a safe and simple procedure. Vasectomy is surgery, and all surgery has some risks, such as bleeding and infection. But serious problems are uncommon at our Quebec vasectomy clinic in Montreal.

Can a No-Scalpel Vasectomy be reversed?

Yes, but reversal operations are expensive and not always successful. If you are thinking about reversal, perhaps vasectomy is not right for you. Pre-vasectomy sperm banking (cryopreservation) is a good idea for almost anyone considering a vasectomy.

How much does a vasectomy cost in Quebec?

The pricing for a vasectomy in Quebec depends mainly on whether you have your procedure in the public system or at our private vasectomy clinic – where fees are not covered by RAMQ. Many Quebec men choose Steinberg Urology for vasectomy because they prefer a premium service with no wait time.

When can I start having sex again?

As soon as you are comfortable, after a minimum of seven days, but remember to use some other kind of birth control until your semen analysis confirms you are sterile. Please expect to continue with your existing method of contraception for three months after your vasectomy.

How long will a no-scalpel vasectomy take?

On average, the whole procedure takes less than 15 minutes. It is a simple procedure that can be performed in our procedure rooms in our Montreal vasectomy clinic. After your procedure, we recommend that you have someone to drive you home, or that you extend your stay at our clinic to be sure that you are fully recovered before driving yourself home.

What are some potential benefits of open-ended vasectomy?

In an open-ended vasectomy, once the vas tube is cut, the end from the testicle is left open (i.e. not cauterized), while the end of the tube leading to the penis is closed. Studies have suggested that this could be the ideal way to block the vas end. There may be less post-operative discomfort because there is no sudden pressure back-up to the testicles.

Where do the sperm go after vasectomy?

Your vasectomy procedure will prevent your sperm from getting into your semen, but they will continue to be produced by your testicles. The sperm will be reabsorbed into your body, the same as happens now if you don’t ejaculate regularly. There is no reason to be concerned about the disposition of your sperm after your vasectomy surgery.




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