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Spermatic Cord Block
for Testicular Pain

A spermatic cord block can offer temporary relief to men who experience chronic pain in the testes. A spermatic cord block is used for patients who do not have an infection or tumor, but continue to experience pain.

How a Spermatic Cord Block Works

The spermatic cord is a bundle of vessels, nerves and ducts that run to and from the testes. They are contained in a thin sheath of connective tissue that looks like cord.

The nerves that run through the cord carry pain signals to the testicles. A spermatic cord block stops the transmission.

A spermatic cord block procedure is generally a temporary solution – either as a prelude to surgery or a series of treatments to maintain reduced pain levels.

A spermatic cord block is typically performed in the case of idiopathic (of unknown cause) testicular pain.

Chronic testicular pain can vary throughout the day and can worsen when a patient is sitting, driving or engaging in sexual activity. Even a temporary relief is welcome.

The Procedure

The procedure works by injecting an anaesthetic into the nerves within the spermatic cord. There is no incision, just an injection through the skin. The simple procedure is performed in the privacy of our clinic. No hospitalization or general anaesthesia required.

The doctor will find locate the nerves in the spermatic cord that transmit pain signals. This is done without any incision; the doctor grasps the nerve fibers through the skin.

Using a small needle, the doctor injects a combination of steroid and long-acting local anaesthetic directly around nerves. Though there is no pain involved, some men may feel a slight pinch at the injection site. The spermatic cord block is typically completed in less than five minutes. No recovery period is required.

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Benefits from a Spermatic Cord Block

private urologist near me in lavalMen with chronic testicular pain should feel relief within 8 hours.

For some it may last days or weeks, particularly if their pain occurs primarily during specific activities.

At times the relief is permanent. There are no known side effects, except for occasional minor bruising at the injection site.

Some men who have the block notice a difference in their pain level once the procedure’s anaesthetic effect wears off. These men may choose to have a series of spermatic cord blocks as a treatment protocol.

Some research suggests that 4-6 weekly spermatic cord blocks can great reduce pain levels, allowing men with chronic testicular pain to regain quality of life.

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Spermatic Cord Block FAQ

How long does the effect from a spermatic block last?

The results can be short or long lasting. Several weeks to permanent. Unfortunately some men experience only short term or even no relief.

How long does the treatment take?

The procedure takes about 5 minutes in total. Expect to be at the clinic for around a half hour.

Do I need to miss work?

No, resuming normal activities after the procedure isn’t a problem. There’s no aftercare or post treatment recovery period required.

Are there any risks?

There is no evidence of adverse effects. There could be minor bruising at the injection site. A very small percentage of patients sometimes experience a temporary worsening of the pain. Rarely, men can have an allergic reaction to the medications.

What if it doesn’t work?

The procedure does work in almost all the men who have it done. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t, the doctor will need to continue seeking an underlying cause or effective treatment for the condition.




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