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In this week’s episode, Dr. Andrew Steinberg shines light on some of the misconceptions surrounding erectile dysfunction, in the hope of helping men (and their partners) become more familiar with some of the physiological and psychological problems related to erectile dysfunction, and, ultimately, encourage them to seek help.

About the Series :

Every week, co-hosts Nick Drossos and Dr. Steinberg will demystify some of the common concerns relating to men’s sexual health and wellbeing. A general “lack of understanding” in a lot of topics relating to men’s sexual health and “what’s going on under the belt”, is what pushed Steinberg and Drossos to create the series.

The men’s talk show covers topics such as love and relationships, as well as widespread men’s sexual concerns like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low-testosterone.

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At the Elna Sexual Wellness clinic, a team of caring professionals come together to care for your urological and sexual health. With a multidisciplinary approach to treating sexual issues, the center offers medical treatments, counselling, as well as physiotherapy.

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