Injection Therapy for women Injection Therapy for women


The O-Shot® - The Orgasm Shot - a revolutionary treatment of sexual function and vaginal dryness.

  • Duration:
    15 min
  • Sessions:
    1-3 sessions


The O-Shot® (also known as the Orgasm Shot® or G spot shot) is a nonsurgical treatment that uses a patient’s own blood to theoretically stimulate the growth of new cells and promote the formation of better blood supply in the vaginal walls and clitoris. This growth factor, which the body utilizes to naturally generate new tissue, increase not only the number of cells but sensitivity to vaginal and clitoral stimulation (mainly by improving cell functioning and boosting blood flow to the area).

The O-Shot procedure may help treat mild urinary incontinence, which is often a result of weak pelvic floor muscles. For some people, treatments can increase their ability to achieve orgasm and help improve their sex life.

The O-shot® is safe when administered by a board-certified physician who has taken all the necessary steps of precaution.

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Injection therapy has been used for years in orthopedic and spine surgery to speed healing and, more recently, in facial rejuvenation and hair loss treatments. It is considered a regenerative autologous treatment—it relies on the patient’s own blood to stimulate cellular regeneration and tissue repair. Once injected, it releases growth factors and other proteins known to jump-start cellular repair at the site of injection, encouraging the formation of new collagen and blood vessels.

One small study found “that specifically placed intravaginal and intraclitoral  injections could be an effective method to treat certain types of female sexual dysfunction, especially in the areas of desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasm….”


Women of any age can receive the treatment without concern of allergic reaction.

Injection Therapy allows women to regain lost intimacy in their relationships by increasing sexual pleasure, satisfaction and orgasm.

Injection Therapy can also help with incontinence, strengthening weak bladder muscles to put an end to embarrassing leaks and constant trips to the bathroom.

The O-Shot® is a ground-breaking therapy with multiple benefits reported:

  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • Increased vaginal sensitivity and pleasure
  • Increased natural vaginal lubrication
  • Decreased pain during intercourse
  • Improved or resolved urinary incontinence and/or overactive bladder
  • Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm
  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • A tighter vaginal canal (if felt to be too loose prior)
  • A more elastic vaginal canal (if felt to be too tight prior, usually after menopause)
  • Younger, smoother skin externally (lips of the vagina)
  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms


Complications are rarely associated with the O-Shot because the injected material is the same as what the body uses to heal tissue. Light spotting immediately after the procedure is a normal side effect for most women and usually stops within a couple of days. Some may also experience either a numb feeling in the treated area or an increased sensation, with the inability to get relief with multiple orgasms. This is unusual but could last up to a few weeks.


We pride ourselves on our compassionate and approachable nature. We understand the need to take the time to explain complex medical conditions in simple terms to ensure that you and your family are properly informed throughout your patient journey.

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Vaginal Dryness


As trusted professionals and experienced physicians, we deliver great results for all of our clients. Our O-Shot patients report feeling invigorated, confident and more sexually responsive after treatment. Visit us for a consultation to learn more.


The first step to draw the blood. The separation process to concentrate the blood will take roughly 30 minutes. Patients are welcome to return to the waiting room while the blood is processed.

Everything is done on site right in our clinic. No outside labs, no separate visits. Just an half hour and your O-Shot® is ready.

You’ll be provided with a gown and will need to remove your clothing below the waist.

Dr. Steinberg will apply a numbing cream to freeze the vulva and vagina. Once the anaethestic has taken effect, the injections will be given at various points around the genital area.

You may feel a slight pinch but the injections are virtually painless.

The procedure takes less than 15 minutes.

There’s no recovery period, no downtime. You won’t need to miss work or social functions. Injection Therapy is non-invasive and natural, with no hormonal reactions or allergies.

Women of any age can receive the treatment without concern of allergic reaction. Since the injection is extracted from your own blood, there are few and only minor potential side effects. These include minor bleeding or bruising, swelling, and very rarely infection.

Depending on therapy, an immediate increase in volume will take effect, leading to noticeable results. Injection Therapy will form new collagen and elastin leading to mucosal skin thickening and tightening. These results will last up to 14 months.


Is Injection Therapy safe?

Yes. There have been no reported side effects. Injection Therapy has no impact on hormone levels and don’t interact with medications. Because we use your own blood, there is no risk of allergic reaction.

Does Injection Therapy hurt?

Not at all. The doctor will apply a local anesthetic to your vulva and vaginal area. You’ll feel a slight pinch and a bit of pressure when you are injected. The O-Shot® is much less uncomfortable (or invasive) than a Pap smear.

Exactly where do will I be injected?

For women, the normal locations for injections are the clitoris, vulva, vaginal opening and G-spot.

How long does the treatment take?

Under an hour in our clinic. That includes drawing blood, doing the blood extraction, and completing the injection. There’s no real recovery period afterwards, go right back to normal activities, including sex.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Many women see increased sexual function almost immediately, but expect 3 to 4 weeks to experience the full effect. If there has been no measurable improvement, after 8 weeks, we typically recommend a second treatment.

How often do I need to get Injection Therapy?

Treatments require more than one injection, we may recommend additional injections over the 12-month period. Please discuss your situation with our doctor.

When Can I Resume Sexual Activity After the O-Shot®?

You may resume sexual activity about 4 hours after procedure on the same day. An increase in sexual response can be seen within days of the procedure.

The images and/or videos are not presented as a guarantee of result. The results may vary. Patients gave their consent for the publication of images and/or videos.


At Steinberg Urology we pride ourselves on our compassionate care we offer to those facing challenges that affect their quality of life. Our urologists have years of experience and a commitment to excellence.

If you need to discuss this sensitive medical concern, schedule a consultation at our clinic in a safe confidential environment. Let us help you achieve optimal health and wellness in a professional setting.


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