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So you’re hanging out with your partner and the subject of children comes up.

Do we want more kids? Are we ready to close up shop?

You’ve decided your family is complete and that it’s time to start thinking about a more permanent solution to contraception. Now it’s a matter of figuring out who’s going under the knife… tubal ligation or vasectomy?

The conversation of who gets snipped is extremely important. Weighing options, gathering information, and feeling out what’s best for you and your family is part of what lays the foundation for good communication. It also helps to understand what happens to the female body versus the male body during each one of the respective procedures.

The dialogue is helpful to you as a couple, however, the answer, as a urologist, is very simple: Vasectomy (the no-scalpel vasectomy, to be precise).

First off, tubal ligation is an invasive procedure, has a longer recovery time, and has more risks involved than a vasectomy. That is the long and short of it when it comes to tubal ligation. Let’s get to the top 5 reasons why a vasectomy is the easiest decision you’ll make if you’re done having children and are ready to find a permanent mode of contraception for you and your partner.

  1. No scalpel needed. At Steinberg Urology we used the No-Scalpel Vasectomy procedure (NSV, read about it here). Our clinic provides a quick and virtually painless alternative to a conventional vasectomy. The NSV reduces the complications to eight-times lower and is significantly safer than conventional approaches.
  2. No knife means no cutting which also means no stitches. This decreases recovery time so that your physical comfort will be back to normal quicker than any other procedure.
  3. No change in hormones. A NSV doesn’t stop the production in sperm, it just interrupts it from mixing with semen. This means that your hormones are unaffected by the procedure keeping your sex drive and performance essentially unchanged. Additionally, only about 1% of seminal fluid is made up of sperm, which means you won’t notice a volume change in ejaculation post-vasectomy.
  4. Vasectomies are incredibly effective. Although the NSV is reversible, it should be considered a permanent solution to birth control. It’s important to consider that a vasectomy does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. If you are in a long-term relationship with your partner, there is very low risk of unwanted pregnancy.
  5. It’s quick! The whole procedure takes less than 15 minutes (and that includes prep time). The NSV is a simple procedure and is extremely straightforward. The scrotum is opened, a small incision is made to the two vas deferens (the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles) and then swiftly stitched up. That’s it.

There are a few other great reasons that make a No-Scalpel Vasectomy the best option: recovery time is quick and a great excuse to hang out in sweats and take it easy for about a week. Also, a vasectomy balances the responsibility of birth control, showing your partner that you’re willing to do your part. Women bear the burden of birth control from the moment they become sexually active, so taking one for the team will make her happy. Lastly, a vasectomy gives you (as a couple) the sexual freedom to enjoy the moment without interference and without any accidents!

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