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Before getting into what a frenulectomy is, let’s first begin with the basic anatomy of the penis. The most known parts of the penis are the base, shaft, glans, and foreskin. Less commonly spoken about is the connective tissue that connects the foreskin from the head of the penis to the shaft, aka the frenulum.

When a penis becomes erect, the frenulum retracts, however, should the frenulum be too short, a condition called frenulum breve may occur. The tight restriction around the penis can cause pain or even bleeding during sexual activity. In some cases, the frenulum may rip and tear, or might pull at the penis enough to develop a curvature from continued pressure on the glans.

In order to increase motion, your urologist might recommend a frenulectomy. A frenulectomy is a specialized technique that releases the tension so as to increase penile skin range and motion and reduce pain. This will allow for overall better function.

There is a range of tightness and thickness that varies from man to man, which mean that a short frenulum can happen to anyone. However, an overly short frenular band can be painful, and when it does occur, the discomfort can cause serious physical damage to the area as well as cause anxiety or stress about sexual activity. In order to enhance sexual pleasure and reduce discomfort or pain, speak to your doctor about a frenulectomy. The procedure is performed in under 20 minutes and provides instant relief from those suffering from the condition. So if you have (or think you may have) frenulum breve, pick up the phone and #havetheballstotalkaboutit


Dr. Steinberg

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