Although most people immediately associate a urologist with men (and you wouldn’t be wrong to assume so), there are a few reasons why a woman would visit a urologist.

Typically, as a urologist, my day-to-day sees a lot of urinary tract problems and male reproductive system issues. However, the field of urology extends further than the male body.

Here are some female issues that might bring a woman into my office:

  • Bladder or kidney mass: a growth in the bladder or kidney
  • Hematuria: blood in the urine
  • Injuries to the urinary tract: any injury caused by trauma or surgery
  • Interstitial cystitis: a chronic condition characterized by bladder pressure or pain
  • Kidney stones: stones in the kidney may cause severe pain in the lower stomach, side of the back or groin.
  • Pelvic prolapse: pressure on the vagina caused by weakened pelvic muscles which cause the pelvic organs to drop down
  • Urethritis: inflammation of the urethra
  • Urinary incontinence: accidental release of urine

Some other reasons you might make a trip into my office include UTIs, voiding dysfunction or even urinary tract issues during pregnancy. I might work alongside your general practitioner or a specialist like a nephrologist or gynecologist to intervene medically when need be. Also, as a way to give you access to the medical attention you need, we’ve created Elna Sexual Wellness, a clinic that focuses on urinary issues as well as male and female reproductive organs (and sexual function) in a specialized way.

In other scenarios, I might see a woman in tandem with her male partner as a way to assess an ongoing medical issue that he may be having, like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. This allows me to tend to my patient through a more holistic approach. Seeing the couple together will help me get the full picture and how the situation is affecting the relationship. It also allows for a bridging in terms of communication in the partnership as well as a greater understanding of how we can all proceed and treat the issue at hand. As part of a treatment course, I might recommend counselling to the couple, which we’ve also made readily available at the Elna Sexual Wellness clinic.

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Dr. Steinberg

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